Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Boys Are Back...

They might not think too much of the gays, but that hasn't stopped the Mormons using our good taste for inspiration. The people behind this year's Men On A Mission are back, snapping another dozen devout former missionaries in and out of their famous shirt and tie.

Sadly for Chad Hardy, creator of this sexy beefcake calendar, was recently excommunicated from the Mormon church for what they considered to be an 'inappropriate' representation of the church.

"With me being excommunicated what it's done, is it's taken the message of the project and it's put it right out, up front, because I didn't back down and I stood behind the message. The reaction has been that people are more supportive of it than they've ever been before and we have more people signing up to be in 2010 calendar than this time last year," said Hardy.

Good on ya, mate! Seriously, I just don't see any inappropriateness at all and if you are looking for 12 Reasons To Get Excommunicated, this is one calendar you are looking for! The 2009 calendar has now been released and is up for purchase at via Mormons Exposed.


Jere said...

Hey sexy!From Orlando FL
Thank God! The Moran church has not crucified this guy! See when your mother and your father are related you can come up with some moranic ideas! I hope there are more pics of them on bikes too! In God We Trust! Love Jere

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i'd convert to Mormonism if all the guys were hot like them!