Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Confessions Of John-Paul...

For those outside the UK, the soap opera Hollyoaks may sound a bit unfamiliar, but for those of us who live in the UK, it's impossible not to hear about it.

I'm not a hardcore fan of Hollyoaks but lately I've been watching it only because the show's mismatched gay couple, John-Paul (James Sutton) and Kieron (Jake Hendriks), are on the front burner again!

Since J.P. was introduced in 2006, he's gone through quite a bit of drama, starting with a relationship with a girl at school, followed by his realization that he was actually in love with his straight best friend, Craig (Guy Burnet). After he confessed his feelings to Craig they shared a drunken kiss, but Craig didn't handle it well afterwards, and... well, let's just say the drama between them could fill a Wikipedia page.

When the character of Kieron was introduced early this year, he was taken in by J.P.'s family and eventually came out to J.P., which led to another drunken kiss, and eventually a night spent together. There was just one hitch, however. Kieron is a PRIEST! Like most couples, their love train didn't go as smooth as they could have but interestingly enough it eventually turned out right for the boys until the recent return of Craig!

To see the J.P. & Craig story in its entirety, or see any of the older J.P. & Kieron clips there's a YouTube user, who has them all uploaded (and conveniently numbered) HERE. Enjoy!

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mauricio said...

uhuu.. i from brazil, but ever since i visited the uk and watched hollyoaks i fell inlove with jp. so much better than neighbours. btw nice blog;)