Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dress Up With...

Everyone knows I love Madonna and everyone knows I love Darren Hayes (who is also a huge Madonna fan himself). So if there's a song that involves both singers, I'll be over the moon! And guess what? My beloved Mr. Hayes has recently done the most exquisite remake of the Madonna classic Dress You Up to celebrate the Queen's Sticky & Sweet Tour in London and I'm lovin' it!

Apparently, Madonna was going to sing this song during her 2004 ReInvention Tour, but it was replaced with the steamy Burning Up. Later, a demo of the version she was going to perform on tour leaked and it is the inspiration behind the production on Darren's cover.

Dress You Up by Darren Hayes

Just as I expected, Darren's vocals really shines and he hits every note ever so effortlessly. This is a MUST-LISTEN for any fan of Darren and Madonna and you can download it for free HERE. Enjoy!


Dougie said...

I had forgotten about Savage Garden, he is an awsome singer, and hot! Thanks for the clip.

Julio said...

HI, I want to download the song, but I can't do it. Since I love this song, Help!!


Julio. Clearwater Fl USA