Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

A BIG belated CONGRATULATION to Dino Fabian Gamecho who was representing Pulse Café Bar in Cardiff has been crowned Mr Gay UK 2008 at the Grand Final held at the Ritz hotel on the night of Friday 22nd August. Bent caught up with the 19-year-old to discuss the meaning of winning Mr Gay UK, coming out and his ideal type of man.

How are you feeling about winning Mr Gay UK?
Ohh, it's still just sinking in. It's amazing as I was so totally shocked when I won. I'm now looking forward to doing whatever I'm going to be doing with it... being a role model for the gay community.

Have you got any preconceived ideas of what it will mean to be Mr Gay UK?
No. I'm not really sure what it does entail. Some promo work?

But I gather you've already done one photo session?
Yes. I was up early the morning after I won the title and was whisked off to do a shoot for Army Red aftershave. It was amazing! I'd never done anything like that before and I looked at the photos after and thought, "WOW... I couldn't believe it... that's me!"

Do you think that is something that you could get used to?
Yes, definitely [laughs good humouredly].

How have your mates all taken the news?
They've been so happy and supportive. All my mates at Pulse, where I won the heat, have been brilliant. My family is really happy. I've had so much public support it's amazing.

Were you already out to your family?
I've been out since I was 17 so all my family knew.

What's your job at the moment?
I work in the Revolution in Cardiff, which is a vodka bar and I also work for Barclays as a mortgage advisor. But in a few weeks I'm moving to London to start university. I'm doing drama and theatre for my degree.

Do you have a boyfriend or are you looking for one?
Whenever I try and look for one I can never find anyone, and when I'm not looking I usually meet someone. So I'm not looking but if someone comes along then that's good.

So who would be your ideal type?
I really like guys with a sense of humour.

So Alan Carr would be your ideal...?
Oh definitely [laughs] I do love Alan Carr he makes me laugh.

No doubt you'll be bumping into him quite a bit over the next 12 months.
[Laughs] I'd love to meet him. I saw him in stand up and he had me in creases. Wicked!

Back to your type?
I really like guys who are masculine, funny, people who take care of themselves and who smile but personality is more important than body shape to me.

Talking of looking after yourself, did you always have a good body?
No I've had to work really hard. Up until the age of 15 I was about sixteen and a half stone, so quite fat at school but when I moved from home up to Cardiff I lost some weight. Then I entered the Mr Gay UK heat... and won it, and because of all the encouragement I got, I thought I'd carry on and see what I could do. So, I set my mind to it, changed my eating habits, got an extra job so I wouldn't spend my time boozing and partying. And now spend most of my spare time now down at the gym, and I love it! It isn't something I did on a whim I worked really hard for it. I have my gym shorts with me now as that's where I'm going straight after this interview.

Weren't there any celebrations after winning the title?
Yes there was. I think I really over indulged.

But at least you had a good reason?
[Laughs] Yes, but the thing is. I love going to the gym. When you see results from something... like winning the competition, I know I've got to keep it up and it gives me loads more confidence.

Is there anything special that you want to get involved in as Mr Gay UK?
Yes, I'd like to help with the anti-bullying campaign. I think it's impor- tant that young people have someone they can relate to and realise that it is fine and absolutely normal to be gay and not to be afraid of those feelings.

Did you have a particular bad time coming out yourself then?
In relation to my family... no. It was more of an internal struggle. I was living in a small town in Wales and at 14 I didn't know anyone who shared my feelings and the only people I could relate to were off TV. I felt that I didn't fit, just alone and confused, and really scared. It was all a big secret but I actually got outed by my step-mother when I was 15 when she found my internet history. [Laughs] At the time I was massively traumatised, crying and so ashamed. But eventually it all calmed down. Later, when I moved to Cardiff, I had my first boyfriend, turned myself around and met so many amazing people who are gay and made so many fantastic friends. I realised there was nothing at all to be ashamed of. And now, I wouldn't change me for the world!


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