Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quién Es Estos Muchachos...

Elijah and Milo are a pair of sexy 18-year-old Czech Twins who share a lot in common, birthday (obviously), height (5'9"), weight (176 lb), penis size (6.3"), but it's their shared love of fitness and flexibility training that we enjoy most! Check them out in Virtua Guy HD, a place where guys live and dance right on your desktop!

Sure, the whole concept of it may sound kinda silly at first, but if you can bring yourself get past that, it's actually quite entertaining to watch these smokin' hot guys dance for you for free! You really have to see it to believe it!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, one thing I don't understand:
height : 5'9"
penis size : 6'3"

Are they thicker than tall?
Good for them.
(Ah, we europeans!!! We're not smart enough to understand the british system...forgive me)


PR8 said...

LOL! Sorry, that was a mistake! I don't think they will be very attractive if they have a cock bigger than themselves. Thanks Dedar for pointing it out, which shows somebody does read my post!