Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We all love Justin. Seriously, who doesn't? Well, I was surfing the net tonight and I stumbled across this photo of some random guy who looked a lot like JT but a bit... BIGGER! To me, both of them are hot, but which one do you prefer? The JT who brings sexy back or the JT who brings 'buffy' (not the vampire slayer) back?

Talking about JT, has anyone recently seen the series of webshorts of him on William Rast? This is the first time I heard of the brand and those videos are looking well cool!

According to Wikipedia, WR is a clothing company founded by JT himself and Trace Ayala back in 1996. The name of the brand is a combination of the duo's grandfather's names. Apparently, WR is most known for their premium jeans and has been worn by many socialites and celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton and Eddie Murphy.


JamesT said...

I definitely prefer the buff one, more to love there. ;)
I do like JT, but gotta say, the way he stabbed Britney in the back (with Cry Me A River), he's gotta pay....haha.
Also have to say congrats to William on making such a fantastic blog, and keep being handsome mate. :)

Shane said...

I prefer the original JT...size isn't everything!

GayPornFans said...

It's very presumptions to state that "We all love Justin". I think he's one of the ugliest pop stars ever. The other guy might've been attractive but the comparison has put me off.

jared said...

I don't see a similarity...but maybe it's 'cuz I don't like Justin.

The "random" guy is miles hotter than JT