Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

If you've ever wondered why a man or a woman says French men are sexy, this is one of the perfect examples of the wondering why. Enjoy!

First of all, can you tell my readers a bit about yourself?
Bonjour! Je suis Ludovic. I'm 27. I'm from south of France originally but lived in Paris for the past 7 years. I'm 5'10", 146 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. Mon baguette magique? 8" cut =P

Are you gay, straight, or bi?
I'm gay.

What made you decide to get into gay porn?
Want to do something wild , different, excited. Want to try to know if I could do it and to get another level about the sexuality.

You have a tattoo saying 'Girl Power' on your right shoulder. What's that all about? Does it has anything to do with the Spice Girls?
Actually Geri Halliwell is my cousin.

What attracts you most in a man or a woman?
His face and his attitude.

Are you single or taken? If taken, who is the lucky one?
I'm single at the moment.

Why Britney?
Great videos, great songs, greats performances! I'm just a year older than her so I have the feeling to follow her since the beginning (I was 17 when she did Baby One More Time). I always think Britney is very cute even when she's bald (really) and I'm so happy that all her wild years has finally paid off and made her more popular than ever! Right now in 2008, she's the biggest superstar!

Baby One More Time, Toxic, or Gimme More? Or something else?
Yes, Oops I Did It Again (I love this song in the live in Las Vegas DVD when she opens the show with it) but definitely Gimme More and Baby One More Time! But now there's also WOMANIZER!

Boxers, briefs or go commando?
I wear underpants but I don't know if it's the right word for it. It's like speedos but in French we say 'slip'. I never go commando unless I'm working out in the gym.

So which gym do you go to?

Favourite part of your body?
My teeth =]

What movies are you shooting right now?
In September, I shot a scene for Hot House and recently I shot another scene for the upcoming Jet Set Men website.

And last but not least. Madonna. Yay or nay?
Definitely YAY for her career, for all she did to make the mentality changed about sex, about the gay community and for all the great songs she made for the past 25 years. But to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed about her latest album Hard Candy. It supposes to be amazing but for me (I think not only for me) it means nothing as it contains not one single song I like. I've been to her last three world tours but I think I'm gonna skip this one (even with the Britney Bitch cameo). I just don't want to be disappointed after all the bad reviews. Having said that, I'm still YAY for the Queen and already waiting for the next one to come!


Joseph said...

Man, what happened to his tits?
It's almost like he got piercing that were torn off! Ouch!!

kappyqueens said...

It's wonderful, it is hot, it is very sexual.
Kisses from Javi.