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Hot Snapz...

According to London-based photographer Simon Barnes, photography should be fun and stimulating, and you don't need exotic locales or dazzling clothes and accessories to be challenge or creative. Just keep it simple. A beautiful talented model, a good camera on hand, and some HotSnapz are all you'll need!

PR8: First of all thanks for doing this interview with me, and from what I've seen, your photos are very hot and definitely looked more than a snapshot, so what's the whole HotSnapz thing all about?
Simon: Thank you. Well, the whole HotSnapz thing came about by sheer chance. I wanted a word that was hot and snappy and I guess HotSnapz fitted the bill at the time. I'm sort of stuck with it now, so HotSnapz it is!

Have you always been based in London?
I'm from a theatre background so I've pretty much travelled the whole of the UK, but I was born in London and like a bad penny, I keep coming back.

So, do you enjoy to be a Londoner? And how has it influenced your photography career?
London definitely influences my career a lot. It's the centre of so many things in the U.K. The fashion industry is based here, which makes the availability of models so much easier, but I must say there are some awesome models dotted all over the U.K. Do I like London? Well, that's a different question. I like the warmth, so I'm not sure I'm built for the capital.

Okay, this is a naff question, so I apologize in advance, but with all the beautiful photos that you captured, you must love your camera a lot? Or is it fair for me to say, you love the male beauty/hotness more?
Oh wow, I love them both! Oddly I do a lot of fashion photography but it seems my shots of great looking guys captures the imagination more. I wonder why that is? Hehe!

So tell me, what is HOT? And I don't mean temperature hot (wink wink).
Hotness is an indescribable SOMETHING. We may not all like the same thing but we instinctively know if a guy is hot or not. I love a tease, a twinkle in the eye, a direct gaze into the camera. Mind you a great body works wonders!

Taking photos of hot beautiful men (sometimes not wearing much) is a fantastic job. Agree or not?

Where do you find your models and are you picky with who you are shooting?
A lot of my models come from top agencies but more and more people come to me to get shots when they first develop their portfolios either by recommendation or because they've seen my work. I hate attitude of any kind, even in a work situation, a shoot should be fun. Some guys have been working with me for more than two years, so I have my favourites too.

Any naughty stories you can tell us that arose from one of your shoots?
Yes, far too many, but I could never tell! LOL!

If you could pair up ANY two men in a photo session, who would you pick?
That's a really difficult question because it really depends on the style of the shoot, but I think maybe David Beckham and George Clooney may do for starters!

Dylan Rosser has recently released a photo book. Do you have any plans to follow same route as him?
I love Dylan's work. I certainly think he deserves a lot of respect and his book is amazing, especially as I know quite a few of his models. Photographing even the best looking guys is a very complicated process but Dylan makes it looks easy. Of course every photographer would love to have a book published, but I have no plans at the moment. Any offers?

Other than photography, what interests you?
Everything. I'm a naturally nosey person! Seriously because taking images is a creative process you absorb all sorts of things to inspire the next shot. But if I had to say one thing, then I guess I'm interested in people.

And last but not least. Madonna. Yay or Nay?
Is that her latest track?

Thanks for the interview PR8 and a big thank you to everyone who enjoys my images! Also, if you wanna keep yourself up-to-date with my works, why not check out my Hotsnapz :: Mainly Men?

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