Monday, October 20, 2008

How Do You Know...

Actually allow me to rephrase that slightly - How do you know if you've met the RIGHT one? Now, that sounds much better!

So, how does it really feel? Well, some say your stomach will be filled with butterflies, your heart will want to leap out of your chest, and you'll feel so happy that makes you wanna sing and dance and bladi bladi blah. Other say you'll just know right away when you've met the special one. If these 'myths' are true, then maybe I've just met my Mr. Right (fingers crossed)!

I've heard that the gay dating scene is filled with shallowness and hedonism, and sometimes it's hard to distinguish between lust and love. However, I'm listening to my heart this time.

As some of you know, I've been meeting up with several guys in the past, but so far I just don't feel that 'click' (well, except the first guy I met in Australia) until last night. We first met online and after several messages back and forth, we decided to meet in person for a dinner at a local pub. The food was nice, the atmosphere was great, but he was the one that really captured my heart like no one did before.

Okay, he might not have the look or body of Chris Evan, but I admit- ted that I was still attracted to him physically, and not to mention his genuine personality! And guess what? This was NOT the first time we met! Remembered I was volunteering in the London Pride back in July? Apparently, he was one of the main guys who was put in charge of all stewards and he fadedly remembered me as I was the last one to turn up at the sign-in station (I was overslept =P). How coincident was that?

As we talked and explored each others backgrounds, I slowly started to fall for him a BIG time (blush). It's a strange feeling that I couldn't explain by words. Let's put it this way, I was dying to see him again! Anyway, he had agreed to meet up again on Wednesday for movie AND Thursday for a drink at a local gay pub. So wish me luck and I'll keep you guys informed on my new crush! I feel so happy right now =]

If You Are Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield


elisa-rolle said...

This is the first time I read one of your post directly, I just feed you on my friends page to be sure to follow you, and I'm verry happy that the first time is a soo joyous post. I wish you all the luck, it's really nice to fall in love :-)

(sorry for my English, I'm Italian...

MAC said...

I'm a true believer in trusting and following your gut instincts. I worry about those who say that they can grow to love someone. If the seed is not there from the beginning, love will never grow. I've been with my partner for 18 years and I still remember how I felt when I first laid eyes upon him. Good Luck!!!

Yuri said...

That's what I'd like to call love at first sight eh?
You just didn't know it at the time! But wow! That's amazing!
Please do keep us informed, and don't forget to smile for yourself in the mirror!
You deserve it!


dakotaflint said...

I followed the link through Elisa Rolle's blog, and what a sweet entry! The romantic in me had to leave a message that amounts to little more than a "squee." Hope you don't mind. And I really hope it works out for you with this guy! :)


Anonymous said...

aw, that's cute. good luck with him.

natureboy0620 said...

Hey PR8 There is no such thing as luck :)~
K but google (Sociopath)

That gut feeling has tests you can take Save your heart ! Peace Jere

Joseph said...

I'm NOT even in the slightest way jealous of you, cupcake... or him ;°)

You put me in the kinda mood where everything seems possible again, why, I ain't that older than you & my life has FINALLY begun in the pro area. So, maybe, if I could drive myself to go out a little more?!...

I wish you a good movie, nice drink & 'plus si affinités' (litteraly 'more if affinity' meaning 'a little shagging if mutual arousing' or for the romantic in us 'a long road together if matching feelings')

Fingers crossed, indeed, but I have a good vibe from the both of you!

Anonymous said...

This is very cool, you have a chance with you then take it. It's wonderful when love comes knocking at the door. At that time you feel lighter and able to live with love and fresh water.
When someone loves us the sky is blue and it is very nice


kevin said...

i'm just a new visitor to your blog,
its nice, i'm from Hong Kong,
and i really love the song "if you're the one"...can you send me a copy????