Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uh Oh...

OMG! So it IS true that after months of speculation, Madge and her hubby, Guy Richie, did have 'issues' between them and had decided to file for divorce after seven years of marriage!

Film director Guy, 40, and Madonna, 50, married in 2001 at a lavish ceremony in Scotland, but rumours have been circulating within the press that their relationship was increasingly under strain.

A British tabloid reported that a recent escalation in rows has led to Madonna and Guy communicating via their personal assistants. It also reported that Madonna had wanted to wait until the end of her Sticky & Sweet Tour before announcing the split, but the date has now been brought forward with both parties wanting a divorce finalised before Christmas, it claimed.

Well, call me emotional, I do feel a bit sorry for the couple but I'm more concerned with how their children would be affected by the separation.

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JamTheCat said...

As a child of divorce, I know the kids'll survive. Won't be pretty, but they'll make it.

As a fan of Guy Ritchie, THANK GOD! That woman sucks the life out of men -- she damn near killed Sean Penn's career. Maybe now he can get back to making movies and stop being Mr. Madonna.

But what's even better -- he's back to being available.....