Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alan Idol...

Best known for his role as Aquaman (aka A.C.) on Smallville, Alan Ritchson is a model-turned-actor who has appeared in magazines such as Maxim, Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan, and done work for famous brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Nike, and Joe Boxer.

BUT guess what? I was shocked to find out that the hunky 25-year-old was also a model-turned-singer and had recorded an independent album called This Is Next Time back in 2005 after appearing on American Idol, where he was one of the top 87 contestants in the third season before being cut in Hollywood!

In this contest, he was remembered primarily for his striptease in one episode in which he wooed judge Paula Abdul. Awww bless...

Having said that, after listening to his album, I'd rather watch him strip then hear him sing. Not that he hasn't got a good voice but he just can't convince me to give him a yes (sorry mate). I mean, Alan, come on! Stick with what you are good at, MODELLING!

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