Friday, November 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

So, how do you define a boy-next-door? Is he charming, is he sweet? Is he talented or maybe fit? Well, look no further than Andy O'Neil, a charming, sweet, talented, fit 23-year-old half Brazilian half Portuguese porn actor who will show you EXACTLY what a boy-next-door is!

First of all, thanks for doing this interview with me Andy. So, let's start off with something light. How are you feeling today and what it feels like to be featured as a 'Guilty Pleasure'?
I'm feeling good, it's a sunny day here in London. I'm happy to be featured as a 'Guilty Pleasure', it's a very tasteful blog, with a nice selection of guys! I just had my lunch and I'm leaving soon for a shooting. I'm filming a new movie for Fresh SX this week related with toys. Lots of toys! P.S. Flesh Jack is the best thing ever! Try the Ice Jack, the feeling is amazing, see your cock inside of this thing, going up and down. WOW! LOL!

Tell me, what is the usual daily routine for a regular boy next door in the big city of London?
Work, work, work! Sometimes I can take a break to meet my friends, and just relax. But usually during the week is MOSTLY work!

As a graphic design graduate (I always wish I'm one) do you still have anything to do with graphic design?
Yes! I did the design of my website. I'm still doing some freelance jobs, mostly for friends in Brazil. I'm obsessed with image since I was 9 or 10 years old. So in somehow I knew from very young that I would work with arts. Porn was a huge fantasy, and that was just an impossible dream that came true!

You've said you love movies and used to collect DVDs. What's your all-time favourite movie other than Star Wars?
Star Wars rules! But I also love Empire Of The Sun, it's for sure one of my favourite films of all time. But this is a hard question, because movies are my obsession, so I have a long long long list of favourite movies, all kinds! Like old movies to trash movies like Showgirls. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

Do you own any of your porn movies and do you watch your own scenes? If so, how does it feel?
I have all my movies. But just a few are out in stores, most are still in post-production. It feels weird to watch myself, but I think it's not easy to anyone, you always will find something wrong. "Why am I making that face?" or "Wow, why that position!?"

Would it be fair for me to say that a pretty (and sexy) guy like you attract quite a bit of attention when you are out and about? Do you get recognised a lot in public?
Honestly, I don't think I've attracted so much attention =P In London, sometimes people will recognise me, but I fell shy when that happens.

What qualities in a guy do you find most attractive?
I like romantic guys, dark hair, taller than me, not particular into muscles guys, big muscles is a big turn off for me, I prefer natural guys. I have my dream list: Shia Labeouf, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kelly Jones, Mark Ruffalo, and Lukas Ridgeston.

So, do you have anyone special in your life right now?
Not at the moment, but I'm still looking!

What would you consider is your most attractive feature? And your least attractive?
Most attractive, maybe my lips. Least attractive, my hair! I wish it was curly!

If I were to ask your two closest friends what your best qualities are, what would they tell me?
That I'm a control freak and funny sometimes, but most of them would say that I'm a drama queen! I'm not of course =P

If there were THREE persons that you could invite over for a dinner party, who would they be and why?
Madonna, Jake Gyllenhaal, and David Lachapelle! Madonna because she is my biggest insipiration, Jake because he's my future partner, and David Lachapelle because I love his pictures, his vision for the world is amazing!

Cats or dogs? DOGS! I have a dog in Brazil, Anakin!
Darth Vader or Skywalker? Darth Vader is a Skywalker! LOL!
Hairy of smooth? Hairy
Boxers or briefs? Boxers
Lights on or off during sex? Lights on!

What's next for Andy O'Neill?
For the next 2 weeks, I'm going to be filming for 3 studios that I've already worked for. They're all really special shoots, mostly because there're 2 group scenes involved and a scene with a porn actor that I'm trying to work with for a long time! So I can hardly wait! And after that I'm going to Brazil for 2 months, celebrating my birthday there, spending time with family and friends, and taking my dog for a walk! Recharge my batteries before I come back to London.

And last but not least. Madonna. Yay or nay?
Yay! Of course! I was much more obsessed with her for the past one year. You see, the place I'm living right now is only 3 blocks away from her house, so I've seen her many times, which was impossible a year ago! In fact, I cried the first time I saw her leaving her house! Creep! But is the truth! Maybe because it's a dream came true and I realised that she's just a normal human being like all of us.


GayPornFans said...

He's way too twinky for my liking.

Fast Forward Sweden said...

He was cutely hot enough for my liking!

Joseph said...

Nice lad! Brigad├▓ (thanks in Portugese if I'm right) for the pics the links & the interview of course, that seems to reveal a nice man not only by the looks... He just have to be carefull not to became too skinny & just admit he IS a drama queen!!! Well he DID cry seeing Madonna for the first time in his 'hood & then goes & brag about it on the net ;°)

Anonymous said...

Too many fucking Latinos/Hispanics working as male whores in the UK.