Thursday, December 04, 2008

Feeling Much Better...

To me, the most rewarding part of doing this blog is to hear from you guys. I know we may never see each other but we have been part of each others life. Though you are all 'a friend that I have never met', each single one of you has a very special place in my heart =]

Re my previous post on gaining sex experience through casual sex, here is a very special comment that I wanna share with you from a special someone across the Atlantic and I hope you will gain something out of it!

Hi Will...

I don't know how many folks give you feedback when requested, but as a fellow gay man (with experience) I feel almost compelled to give you something. One reason why my partner and I volunteer so much with youth and young adults is that there is SO MUCH awful information out there which seems to receive all of the attention. I've personally managed to live through the AIDS epidemic physically unscathed (emotionally not so much), retained my spirituality, made wonderful life long relationships and been honored to have two great partners in my 48 years on this planet. I tell you this because you appear to have the where-with-all to ask the proper questions and deserve serious answers.

You absolutely are correct in viewing sexual intimacy as something precious between two consenting adults! Now that doesn't mean that you have no physical contact because you can't obtain your objectified 'ideal', however it can mean that you are careful with your heart and can think with the appropriate 'head' (HaHa). You do pour out your soul into your blog which is admirable as long as no one ever uses your words to take advantage of you. I also surmise that you have a bit of fear when it comes to fully living within your gay prerogative. I really do understand your concerns about a perceived superficial and perhaps vapid gay culture, but if you venture 'out' (HaHa) honestly with your eyes open and your inner light shining, you shall meet quality people for fun and for love.

Now... quantity of sex really does make for a certain level of expertise. This is a tricky thing though, even with 'certified practitioners' of casual sex... intimacy still occurs... pain still occurs. Here's what I recommend that you do (if I may be so bold), stay off of the internet sex sites, volunteer with the those in need, put your face out there with honor first... then you'll be perceived as the catch you are! Really...

That's all that I can say for now, but you get my gist. I do wish you well Will, I have a feeling that you shall succeed in this adventure called life. It ain't easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

All the best,



Benoit said...

This comment is my ultimate coming out step: I have had a pseudo on the net for the last five years or so regarding any site or friend slightly gay related (do you remember Joseph, Joey, Oakfield? they were me) This comment from D. you shared with us yesterday struck some chords in me "put your face out there with honor first" So I'm gonna show myself to the world bare from any lies, I ain't gonna shout on the roof of my school (where I teach, not learn) or to everyone I meet "You know what? I'M GAY!!!" but admit it if ever asked & use my real name on the net! I'll keep volunteering (parish, ...) & be prepared (used to be a boyscout) whenever a friend call me.

Thank you Will & thank you D., give it to him if you can.

Keep it up, Cupcake,


Anonymous said...

very nice... and maybe some more will learn, that life is live and not in the net ;)
and yes, coming out is great. coming out is not shouting out, but to life free of lies... ;)

JERE L said...

Very Well Said!
If You Don't know about Psycopaths/Sociopaths than Google it or Knowledge = Power! I doubt You need to Practice! You are not 12 anymore! I told you this before, listen with your Heart Not with your eyes! You can't judge a book by its cover! LOVE JJ

Anonymous said...

hi will
i'm quite appreciate with all you write on ur blog...
this is kevkev, i'm from hong kong