Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 08...

It's hard to believe another twelve months had passed already, and here we were, back at the post for my memoirs of 2008.

Home Sweet Home!
I had finally returned the UK after six months of working holiday in Australia and got myself a new car and a new full time job. So, what's next on my list? Maybe buy myself a new house or have someone to share my happiness and sadness with.

Where's Your Pride?
Another great achievement was being a volunteer steward for the first time in Pride London 2008. What a day! What an experience! Will I come back for more in 2009? YOU BET I WILL!

Give It 2 Me!
Her Madgesty's Sticky & Sweet Tour kick-started at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on August 23 in all its sugary pop glory. It's my second time in the Golden Circle (YEAH!) and the 50-year-old had threw all her heart and soul into the performance, which had totally exceeded my expectations yet again! Seriously, Madonna can really go on and on and ROCK!

I Wanna Be Your Housewife!
My second gig of the year was seeing gorgeous Jay Brannan singing and 'fingering' his guitar at Bush Hall, London, on August 28. He's TOO talented, TOO adorable and TOO sexy! I love you Jay!

It's Not Just Some Numbers!
There were many numbers involved in TMOP this year. 500th post, 1,000,000 visits and the 2nd Anniversary. Having said that, all these numbers would meaning nothing to me if I didn't have YOU! So, thanks a million guys!

And Last But Not Least...
I'm still single but I know Mr. Right is out there waiting for me, and when I'm ready, I'll find him! Until then, I just need to get myself READY =] Happy New Year everyone!


dougie said...

Thanks for your excellent blog. Keep up the great work and have an excellent New Year yourself. All the best! Cheers, Dougie

Sven said...

Happy New Year to you too! Thanks so much for all the work you put in your blog and the inside views of your life!

AschwinFrank said...

Dear PR8,
Wishing you all the best in 2009!!!
Huggies AF!

AschwinFrank said...

Click here for a special pic!

MAC said...


Benoit said...

Merry New Year to you & all your blog-readers!

Erik Rey said...

Excellent job this year. Happy new year 2009!!!

Un abrazo desde México.

ROB (Brissy) said...

Thinking of you and taking time out to say " THANKS " for all your hard work on this Blog.

Best Wishes to you and yours Will,