Friday, December 19, 2008

If Only...

This morning I received an odd e-mail from some random woman, which I thought it's kinda well written (especially the first few lines). If only it was not a junk mail and was sent by a genuine man.

Hi, gentleman,

There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or stimulate it where it does not. But sometimes we have to do something to find a man or a woman to share our love with. My Mr. Right, my heart is full of love, tender and care. I am on this site with the only aim - to find you, my dear, and to share all these feelings with you. My stranger, if you find the next words about myself native and known to you, you can write me your first letter. I am optimistic. I like active rest, traveling. I am outdoorsy, very sociable. I am a sincere and reliable friend. I am of sporty build. I like cooking. I dream of meeting a man who I would be able to create a family with. I expect sincerity, confidence, constancy, kindness and understanding. I will give the same to my chosen man.



Benoit said...

I'm far from complaining but since you annonced you were on a break last week you already post 4 times counting twice today... Will you rest between Xmas & NewYear? A Pâques ou à la mi-Carême as we say in French (to Easter or halfway through Lent) meaning in such a long time, you won't remember any of it (taking a break)?
Regarding your mail, were you expecting anything? Have you sent an SOS to the world (wide web)? ;°)

Anonymous said...

nice mail... but a spam... and who don't want to get a mail like that, which is not a spam?

have a great christmas!



Luc said...

Yeah, beautiful sentiment -- but who's that boy? We like. A lot.