Friday, December 19, 2008

Office Romance...

Believe it or not, Christmas parties can be more than just a holiday celebration. According to a survey from Datetheuk, a leading UK online dating site, 1/3 of UK office workers had sex at their office Christmas party and over half of interviewees admitted to have kissed their boss or colleague.

The office party is one of the best chances people have to find out if what they suspect is true, or often say something to their own co-worker that in a working day they could never say.

People polled said that one of the most embarrassing things they have ever done at the office Christmas party is getting drunk and snogging a colleague that they didn’t fancy.

With alcohol flowing freely, one drink too many can lower inhibitions to the danger zone. Infidelity could be just a couple of cocktails away, and the workplace is the first place for cheating own partners and to find someone with whom to have an affair.

Max Polyakov, boss of Datetheuk, says, "It's almost inevitable you end up fancying someone at work, after spending more than 2,000 hours a year with your colleagues. And at the Christmas party once the drinks start flowing, people lose their inhibitions and desire starts to do the talking."

The survey of 1,200 people aged 18-55 was conducted in November via questioner. Sadly for me, I don't really fancy any of my colleagues in my present job and sex at the department is something totally out of my mind. Well, maybe some of you will have better luck than me, just remember to bring some condoms to your Christmas party =P


JiannChyuan said...

If it is with the person you longed for, I think this is definitely the golden opportunity. And of course, very good advice to ask readers to prepare condoms. But I am wondering, is anyone not preparing it all the time these days? :D

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Great post!