Monday, December 01, 2008

WAD 2008...

If you thought the HIV virus had been defeated... YOU ARE WRONG! The HIV virus is still invading our planet in 2008. Up to date, more than 33 million are infected with HIV virus that causes AIDS and over 25 million people have died of AIDS around the world.

Over my years as a pharmacist, I've seen enough of drugs and what their effects are. Although some do wonders, some don't. Therefore, I still believe it's always better to protect than regret because there's simply no easy way to tell if your Mr. Gorgeous is HIV positive or not just by looking at him!

And as all of you already know, unprotected sex is still the primary reason for AIDS and using a condom is one of the very few effective methods of preventing the spread of the virus. So, ROLL THAT RUBBER DOWN before you get going! On top of that, taking an HIV test is an important step and will let you know on your status!

This year is National AIDS Trust's 21st birthday and TODAY marks the 21st World AIDS Day and so I'm asking you, as my readers to think about HIV and to support NAT at And for more information on HIV-related knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour, visit Gaydar Nation Lifestyle: Respect & Protect. So, how do I show my support? Easy, I've bought myself a Red Ribbon =]


Anonymous said...

This could be the most stupid question anyone ever asked you, but I feel I must pose it:
what about oral sex?
Which are the possibilities of getting infected because of a b°°°°°b?
(sorry if you feel offended)


Joseph said...

I wonder about porn industry & this 'bareback' trend. Even if some actors did a campaign a few months ago to promote safe sex, the image of barebacking slightly & insidiously corrupt everyone's idea of normality. Wait to be in a monogamous relationship, both of you tested, to 'drop' the condom, or keep using one with other partners. Personaly, I didn't feel such a difference & still use one from time to time (it can get kinky as HELL :°D~

Calvin said...

You're a pharmacist? Wow, that's awesome. I'm actually planning on going to pharmacy school. Applying this upcoming summer.