Saturday, January 31, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Don't you just love it when a guys says, "I'm gonna cum!" Damn, that just drives me through the ceiling! Totally loved it all. The gear! The grunts. And the proud-as-sh*t grin afterward.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank God For...

CHECK THIS OUT! My most recent Guilty Pleasure entry on hunky Nick Youngquest has been featured on the front page of Best Gay Blogs! Seriously, it's been sometime since my blog has been featured by another website and I'm totally thrilled about it =]

Without a doubt, we all agree that Nick is a total stud, however, I want to stress that he's NOT the only hot one in the Aussie Footie League. Just for your info, there are at least ELEVEN (and many) more hotties in the God of Football Calendar 2009/10 and here are just a few good reasons why you should still GET YOUR HAND A COPY even though January is almost over!

And to celebrate my Guilty Nick gets featured on Best Gay Blog, I'm giving away TWO copies of God of Football Calendar 2009/10 (kindly sponsored by Yes We Are! Entertainment) to TWO lucky blog readers! To enter for your chance to win, all you have to do is to leave me a comment telling me what does Nick need to do for Mr. Beckham to drop his pants and climb into bed? I'll choose TWO best entries on Friday, February 6th. So, use your imagination and keep it 'clean'!

Little Johnny...

One day, Little Johnny asked his dad, "Daddy, what is a cock?" And dad said, "Well, I will show you son." He proceeded to whip it out and proclaimed, "Look son, this is a cock and it is a perfect one."

Next day at school all Johnny's friends gathered and asked, "Did you find out?" Johnny said, "Sure, let me show you!" and proceeded to whip it out. He said, "This would be a perfect cock if it was 3 inches shorter."

Johnny never changed... LOL! To tell the truth, I'm not sure there's a 'perfect' cock. But for a cock to be nice, the body and face it's attached to must be perfect as well! Oh, he must know how to use it well too =P

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Curious...

How much do you like the NEW banner for The Ministry Of Pleasure? Or do you still prefer the old one with the chest and tie? Please let me know! By the way, there's this new 'widget' on the sidebar called FOLLOW ME, which you can become one of my fans, and at the same time, keep track of my blog! So, show me your LOVE by following me! Click HERE to see my 'supposedly' new banner =P

Guilty Pleasure...

His name is Dan and he is the latest addition to the hunk list of Sean Cody. Although he may not be as 'real' as my Dan, he is HOT enough for me to go crazy over, especially after watching him putting on his cute innocent smile, flexing his big 18-year-old muscles and shooting his creamy straight boy load all over his stomach not once but TWICE!

Heehee, maybe too detailed for you all, but Dan is so damn gorgeous and you have to check him out on the website! By the way, looking at Dan does remind me of Danny, another exquisite specimen of Sean Cody. Hopefully, they will bring Danny back to get it on with Dan =P

Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Celebrations In One...

First, it's Chinese New Year today and I wanna wish everyone 恭喜發財, especially at this credit crunch time when we are all feeling the pinch!

And of course, before eating all the egg fried rice and sweet and sour pork, lighting up fireworks, watching dragon dance, greeting 'married' relatives for a chance to get some 利是, and getting all sorts of lucky charms, nothing beats striping off for the occasion! Happy Year of the Ox! 牛年快樂!

Same as the Chinese, today is also a BIG day for the Aussie because it's Australia Day! Hmm, thinking of that, no wonder I've seen so many Australian flags 'appearing' in London today.

Commemorating the founding of the first white settlement in Australia in 1788, today is the official national day of Australia, and from what I've gathered (while I was in Australia), it's traditionally a time for backyard barbecues and cricket, for zinc-smeared noses and eskies filled with beer under the sun! Why am I in bloody England in the bloody rain? Anyway, hope you guys having heaps of fun Down Under!

And last but not least, after a long day of partying, wouldn't it be nice to come home and have someone waiting for you, wagging their 'tail', happy that you're home and finishing your day off with some... you know what I mean =P So pick carefully with this week's ManPoll!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Different Kind Of...

Thanks to Zephyr-Files, I'm thrilled to see this series of outtake shots of Madonna for her Hard Candy album. Photographed by Steven Klein, I second Zephyr's comment that I do prefer this set of photos over the pink candy theme that's used in the end. To me, she just looks a lot cooler (and kinda sexier) in all white. Don't you think?

Whether you like it or not, there's no deny that Madonna still has the 'vogue' factor at the age of 50. If not, she won't be asked to promote Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2009 collection!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

I'm pretty sure most of us have somehow blown away by Nick's sexiness (which is constantly oozing out of his sexy body) at some point, however, just when we think we've seen it all, he's decided to please us even more in his latest photo shoot!

Following being featured in Naked Rugby League Calendar 2007/08, Mojo Downunder, DNA and Gods Of Football Calendar 2009/10, Nick is getting in front of the camera AGAIN (I ain't complaining) with little but his briefs on for the February's issue of TÊTU.

The hunky 25-year-old Australian National Rugby League player was photographed in Paris by Marcus Mâm and, surprisingly, you can catch a glimpse of the behind the scenes excitement as the Footy God strips and poses for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love Is A Clinical Condition...

Sex addiction is nothing new in Hollywood. But what about love addiction? Does it actually exist?

Believe it or not, health experts claim love addiction is a clinical medical condition, which, although seemingly far-fetched, has the potential to cause a similar degree of physical and emotional suffering as a drug or alcohol addiction.

And it's not just A-listers who are being treated for it. In the past year, 10 to 15 per cent of admissions at Sydney's South Pacific Private treatment centre have involved issues relating to love addiction.

When Love Attacks

The checklist of symptoms reads like a painful description we can all, in some part, relate to - heart-wrenching break-ups, a desperate hunger to be in a relationship, a feeling of never being able to live without your partner.

According to therapist Dr Affie Adagio, who specialises in the dependency, the defining characteristic of love addiction is extreme behaviour and, as with other forms of addiction, the sufferer constantly strives for a high.

"Love addiction is when a person can't help themselves and their behaviour becomes erratic and uncontrollable," she explains. "They need to be in a relationship and will go to any lengths to get into one. Once they're coupled up, they become neurotic and it turns into somewhat of a nightmare."

Dr Adagio likens it to stalker-ish behaviour, "They become jealous and manipulative, and have to know where their partner is at all times. They have higher-than-usual expectations that this person will make them happy."

The Danger Zone

The real trouble begins when a relationship, which has been giving them the high they crave, suddenly comes to an end. Sure, we all know what it's like to drown in a sea of tissues over a split, but feelings of despair and abandonment probe much deeper for love addicts.

As with other addictions, there are severe withdrawals to follow, and Dr Adagio believes those who are love addicted are not emotionally mature enough to come out of a relationship without declaring war and hurting the other person.

"Usually, it's a very painful parting," she says. "When they achieve the high at the beginning of the relationship, it's an endorphin release.

"Then, when they're coming out of the relationship, they experience the opposite - a total low. They fall into the depths of depression and it can become a life-threatening condition if it isn't treated."

The Love Antidote

The best way to deal with the habit, according to Dr Adagio, is therapy. "Sufferers need help as they really can't do it on their own," she says. "If they isolate themselves, they're at greater risk of becoming suicidal, especially if they're deeply depressed."

"Their best action would be to see a therapist who can prescribe the right treatment for their depression. People are afraid of that, but this condition needs to be treated seriously."

"Unfortunately, society primes us to believe that this is a normal thing; that being in love is the way to go," says Dr Adagio. "But, you're going to be far happier in a relationship that isn't so exaggerated."

"Falling in love needs to be a slower process - you meet someone, you're both attracted to each other and then, gradually, it progresses to a commitment of intimacy. That's the healthier way."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless America...

First of all, I'd like to send my biggest regards to President Obama, who had just made history as the 44th U.S. President. You truly deserve it and I wish you all the success in your challenging endeavors in the coming years (from the bottom of my heart).

Now, when Mr. President speaks of change, he's not just referring to America. Given our common mentality of 'build them up, then knock them down', we are all due for a change of heart and mind. When all the celebrations come to an end, the world will be left with a new American President with a rocky road ahead of him. Whether Obama can deliver his campaign promises, or whether he's capable of bringing the changes his supporters expect, there's no denying that as he enters the White House today, he inherits a mess.

Change will NOT come overnight. Smart lateral thinking MUST fuel progress. Mistakes are LIKELY to be made. The fulfilment of campaign promises MAY NOT be just around the corner.

Let us reserve the urge to criticise and support Obama in his mission to rebuild America's national and foreign policies. He ran on a campaign of common purpose and collective belief. Let's extend that ethos abroad and stop the finger-pointing. The world loves to talk about a fallen hero, but what progress does that bring?

Yes, Obama has mobilised a new shift in thinking, a new perception of the U.S. But I fear that shift might be reversed as quickly as it has come about, if people are too quick to judge. Give the man an opportunity to shine. He's bright and he listens. Remember, patience is a virtue and it's golden too! God bless Obama. God bless America =]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly Poll...

What exactly is the meaning of puppy eyes? Does it has anything to do with the eyes? Of course it does! It has everything do to with the eyes!

Imagine a sweet, loving, innocent little puppy in the pound, waiting to be taken home by you as a pet. Or a better scenario would be that when your boyfriend is sometimes being so inconsiderate, but when you get mad at him, he just looks at you with those little puppy-dog eyes, and you just melt (and take him home). So, which one of my three puppy eyes is the most likely to be taken home tonight?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Human Nature...

Human Nature by Madonna

Just heard this song on the radio, it's SO classic Madonna and it really kicks ass especially the line "I'm not your b*tch don't hang your sh*t on me." Seriously, what other pop star can possibly say that!?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Between Love & Goodbye...

Opening Jan 30 in NYC, Between Love & Goodbye is a modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky ride in between. Set to an original stunning soundtrack and starring a sexy young cast, this is one story where the stakes run as high as the hysteria.

SYNOPSIS Love makes the world go round. At least that's what Marcel and Kyle believe, until they suddenly discover that love can alternatively flip the world upside down. When certain elements are set into motion, they tend to stay in motion. If tampered with, they can spin out of control.

Marcel and Kyle are in love at first sight, and even though they can't legally marry, they will find a way to make it work. French Marcel marries their lesbian friend Sarah so he can stay in the USA with Kyle. Together they can overcome any obstacle, hurdle any barrier. Together they cannot be stopped.

Enter Kyle's sister April, a former prostitute. She needs a place to crash, but for how long? Taking a quick dislike to Marcel, April methodically drips poison into their happiness. But where Marcel sees a conniving woman with a not-so-hidden agenda, Kyle only sees his sister - in need. And how do you choose between family and the love of your life? Why should you have to?

Love isn't pure after it's been tainted. Our perfect couple falls headlong into possessiveness, jealousy and rage; trapped in the tangled emotions found in that space between love and goodbye. Just how far will one of them go to put a stop to the madness?

Filled with unqualified romance, hilarious situations, and plenty of low down and dirty drama, Between Love & Goodbye is a candid take on the nature of love and its real human casualties. This film is for any person who has had the guts to enter into the dangerous arena of a relationship and I just can't wait for it to be released in the UK!