Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless America...

First of all, I'd like to send my biggest regards to President Obama, who had just made history as the 44th U.S. President. You truly deserve it and I wish you all the success in your challenging endeavors in the coming years (from the bottom of my heart).

Now, when Mr. President speaks of change, he's not just referring to America. Given our common mentality of 'build them up, then knock them down', we are all due for a change of heart and mind. When all the celebrations come to an end, the world will be left with a new American President with a rocky road ahead of him. Whether Obama can deliver his campaign promises, or whether he's capable of bringing the changes his supporters expect, there's no denying that as he enters the White House today, he inherits a mess.

Change will NOT come overnight. Smart lateral thinking MUST fuel progress. Mistakes are LIKELY to be made. The fulfilment of campaign promises MAY NOT be just around the corner.

Let us reserve the urge to criticise and support Obama in his mission to rebuild America's national and foreign policies. He ran on a campaign of common purpose and collective belief. Let's extend that ethos abroad and stop the finger-pointing. The world loves to talk about a fallen hero, but what progress does that bring?

Yes, Obama has mobilised a new shift in thinking, a new perception of the U.S. But I fear that shift might be reversed as quickly as it has come about, if people are too quick to judge. Give the man an opportunity to shine. He's bright and he listens. Remember, patience is a virtue and it's golden too! God bless Obama. God bless America =]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your well wishes. I am very happy we have a new President, one who has been around the world and has family around the world. My hope and prayer for him as that he listens to many, domestically and around the world. Many expectations have been placed on him. He has already "disappointed" some on the far left and the far right. I would hope we (in the US) will learn we cannot govern from any extremes (we don't like it when it is done in other countries, we should not like it when it is done here). Thank you for your comments. Keep up the good work on the blog.
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Anonymous said...

Change? Obama has hired half of the Clinton administration let alone Hillary herself! And what about congress? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? We need change! All we here form Obama and his minions is finger pointing. Bush this; Bush that! The democrats stopped every good idea Bush put forward from mortgage reform to social security reform. Obama is just going to reinstitute the same old failed policies of the past. He has shown that already with his executive orders. George Bush isn't around to blame everything on anymore so maybe you and the rest of America will wake up and realize the real problem.
New Haven CT USA