Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feel Good...

I love watching music videos because sometimes it's like reading a story, it gives me an idea of what the song is about. A good video can make me like a song I wasn't that keen on when I heard it on the radio, a really bad one can put me off a song I thought I liked. Anyway, I've recently found two great gay music videos which I wanna share with you all! While both videos are extremely sexy, one is more romantic and the other is more erotic. Enjoy!

The first video I wanna introduce is End Of The World by Matt Alber and there's absolutely no denying that it's one of the most romantic videos I've seen in years.

Both the video and the song have given me such a beautiful range of emotions. It speaks of love lost, love renewed, and love forever. Truly amazing! Genius work Matt!

The second video I wanna introduce is Just Another Summer by Yehonathan Gatro, an upcoming gay pop singer from Israel.

I've never heard of the singer, and the song seems like your typical dance music fare, but it caught my interest because watching the video (especially towards the end) is like watching a softcore porn, plus the hunky Israeli men (playing volleyball and making out) are simply too 'hard' to resist =P


Anonymous said...

End of the World sounds like an early Rufus Wainwright song. Thanks for introducing two new music videos.

William Meemken said...

Thank You for introducing the
music of Matt Albers to me .
I Love his voice , and this
video is absolutely Beautiful !

I haven't been this excited about a singer since I first heard Rufus Wainwright sing Hallelujah .

Again , I Thank You for sharing this video with us all .

William Meemken

dougie said...

Both the videos were great and I am going to look up both singers. Wow, just great and as the others have said, thanks.

Cheers, dougie