Saturday, February 07, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

I love Olympics and I love watching diving. I also love seeing hot guys in Speedos and men dripping wet. So how can you blame me for not getting enough of Matthew Mitcham?

The supercute 20-year-old Brissie diver and Olympic champion is the subject of a cover story in the Advocate. He captivated Olympic diving fans and became an instant gay hero with his come-from-behind win in diving gold last summer. But what does he do for an encore? Check out Matt's exclusive article and videos on the website.

But even better than the lengthy story is the photo spread that goes with it. The magazine doesn't spare us from the sexy. Smoldering and delicious (not that I wanna eat him) are two words that come straight to my mind.

From a shot with him dressed up in a suit and another with him dressed down in a towel, the photos by Adam Pretty are certain to be more memorable than the words that accompany them.

Oh my dear Matt, you are definitely my role model and I just can't wait to cheer for you in London 2012!


athi said...

GREAT pics... thanks for them! :)

Martin said...

"Not want to eat him" how about lick him, I'd settle for that.