Friday, March 27, 2009

Blown Away In Paris...

I had taken a weekend in Paris from my normal business trip to London. I was on my own which is a great way to see any city. In this case, just my tour book, backpack with camera and feet for walking.

I had walked over most of the left bank and sloshed through some of the major museums. After a good bistro dinner and several glasses of wine in a sidewalk café that matched all imagination, I decided that I had about had it for one day. Even though I was tired, Paris at night is just too attractive, so I kept walking through all the incredible lighted areas. Paris truly is the City of Light.

Checking my map, I plotted a route to my hotel not too far from the Arc de Triomphe. The shortest distance took me through the Tuileries Garden next to the Louvre. Although it looked a little dark, there was almost a full moon, plus, I feel I can take care of myself in most situations. At 34 years old, I'm in pretty good shape. 6'1", 185 pound of pretty good muscle from lots of working out and running.

As I trudged down the gravel pathway, I became faintly aware of movements in the shadows. As my eyes became more accustomed to the dim light, I noticed occasional people, some single, some in pairs, some sitting on the benches under the trees. Several passed me, giving me more than a casual glance and smile. Then it hit me that this must be some kind of cruising area for men.

I slowed my pace down just a bit as I assessed the situation. I decided it wouldn't hurt to play the game a bit and see what happened. I walked to the end of the garden gate, paused and then turned to walk back down the path. I had seen a huge tree about 20 yards off the path and as I got closer, I stepped off the path and quickly walked to the dark shadows created by the tree's thick branches. I dropped my backpack to the ground and leaned against the broad tree trunk, waiting to see what would happen.

A couple of guys slowly walked by, peering at me. Then a single guy walked by, looking in my direction. I'm not sure whether it's the rumored gaydar or even how you can feel like you're on a frequency with another person, but for some reason I followed his silhouette as he glanced in my direction and walked past on into the shadows.

Suddenly, he reappeared, doubling back, but this time walking about 10 feet from me. My eyes followed him as he looked at me. He appeared to be a little smaller than me with lighter hair, slim body, nicely dressed in slacks and shirt. As he came even with me, he smiled, as I returned his smile. Even in the shadows features could be distinguished now. But he kept on slowly walking.

As I watched, he paused about 20 feet away and seemed to be thinking. He slowly turned and walked toward me again, this time even closer. As he came right up to me, I saw a very good-looking man, slender build with large eyes softly illuminated by the indirect moonlight. He stopped in front of me and slowly raised his hand. My eyes were locked to his as I touched his hand.

This shadow person then leaned into me, resting his head on my shoulder. Instinctively, I pulled him closer, feeling the warmth of his body and hearing a soft sigh as my hands caressed his back and neck. His hands began exploring my body as he looked up. There was no thought only a reaction to gently kiss him. His response was equally as gentle as our kiss became more passionate. Our tongues clashed with mine winning its probing demands. I became aware of his body as it melded into the hard muscles of my body.

After several minutes, he broke the embrace and reached down to feel the rock hard cock that had been pressing into his stomach. He expertly slid down the zipper and slipped his hand in my jeans, uttering a soft sound of satisfaction at feeling almost eight inches of thick cock that had been yearning to be released. I undid the top button giving him full access to all that he wanted.

He seemed to glide down to his knees and slowly pulled down my underwear and jeans. I leaned back, closing my eyes as I felt the incredibly soft hands caressing my cock and balls. I felt the tip of his tongue as it traced the sides of my cock and explored the tight sack holding my balls. Then I felt the heat of his mouth as it covered the cock head, sending shudders up my body. His head began to move slowly, his tongue working madly as he took more cock on each forward thrust. A couple of times he gagged but recovered to continue sucking my cock. I felt him pull back and heard him gasp deeply for air, then he returned to plunge the whole throbbing length deep down his throat. I quivered and almost went weak in the knees as the sensation flooded throughout my body.

A few more gasps for breath and practice tries, and he was deep- throating me, crushing his nose into my pubes. Each time he pushed his head down on my cock, I could feel his throat muscles convulsing to cause a sensation that felt like a thousand fingers massaging my centre of pleasure.

It didn't take long for this action to begin to trigger the all-too familiar feeling that signals a massive climax. I tried to signal by moaning softly and tensing up to let him know that I was getting ready to cum, but he continued his deep thrusts. As I felt the first muscular ejaculation fire from that steel hard cock, he rammed his head forward, driving my cock all the way down his throat, directing volley after volley of hot cum directly into his stomach. Somehow, he had prepared for this and was holding his breath as I fuck his throat like a hot, velvet hole.

And then it was over. As I was quivering with the last remnants of incredible feelings, I felt him pull his head off my cock and gasp for breath. After a couple of deep breaths to replenish his air and he sucked my softening cock back into his mouth. I felt his tongue tracing the under tube, milking out the last drops of the most unbelievable load of cum I think I have ever had.

He slowly stood up and looked into my eyes. Then, very gently, he kissed me, not with passion but with a gentleness that I'll always remember. He stepped back and touched my face with his hand and smiled.

Then he disappeared into the shadows. All without a word spoken.


Anonymous said...

You are a very good and hot writer William!
Congratulations for this excited productions.
Jacky x

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

you write lots of great one-time 'encounter' stories. ever thought of writing a series...a relationship of two guys? how they first met, focus on some of the highs and lows of their relationship. it'll be neat to follow along.

NW007 said...

Very hot and erotic writing

jaartal said...

Great writing, great story ... WOW

NickDanger said...

Been there, done that, from both the narrator's and the stranger's point of view. Can't wait for the warm weather to come, so I can do it again.

In the meantime, thanks.

Kouros said...

Leaves me in awe about a lot of things.