Thursday, March 12, 2009

Greg Le Policier...

Remember the policeman in Village People's YMCA? Well, thanks to A Cause Des Garçons, let me present you Greg, a younger cuter version of the officer (together with his little stick). Taken from the French television series Nouvelle Star, Greg is definitely a pretty face with not much singing talent (at least he should try singing YMCA rather than the Grandma song) though he does provide some eye entertainment!


Edo said...

Someone needs to translate this! XD

Loic said...

I may be able to help you. I'm French and I saw "Nouvelle Star" tuesday evening and it is really amazing. Here is the translation, I mean, I did my best to be understood :

Philippe Manoukian (his nickname is Dédé) : Ah! I need your attention, friends of the jury.
Lilo (her nickname is Vanda) : Yes! Hello... Dédé, it is for you, obviously! At once!
Greg : This is a police check, it is not an exercise, you are under arrest.
Lilo : That's look good to me!
Philippe Manoukian : What's your name ?
Greg : Greg.
Philippe Manoukian : Of which brigade city are you, Greg?
Greg : The Village People.
Phillippe Manoeuvre : How old are you?
Greg : I'm 28, duty free.
Philippe Manoukian : Look, turn your back on.
Sinclair : Female Body Inspector ...
Philippe Manoukian : What are you going to sing, Greg ?
Greg : I am going to sing "Iko Iko", because I was once a zoo keeper.
Sinclair : With such a small club (truncheon, I dunno what's the best for "matraque" in English) ?
Greg : My dear Sinclair, we make what we can with what we have, times are hard. It's the crisis.
Sinclair : Well, so you are going to show us all!
Greg : So, Iko Iko!

Phillippe Manoeuvre : And in French?
Greg : Er- I do not know the translation.
Phillippe Manoeuvre : No, what can you sing in French?
Greg : Ah, I don't know, because I was a DJ of the eighties, English pop and rock, so in French I don't know, actually.
Sinclair : All of that for singing twenty seven seconds of" Iko Iko" ? The brain is as short as the club ?
Greg : No no no no no. I give it to you because its sound that it bothers you!
Sinclair : Yes, it embarrass me from here.
Phillippe Manoeuvre : Well, I begin. A good energy, an original presentation, about the tempo and the placement and of the correctness I saw that there was a little bit floating tone and I don't know whether he managed or not to control his air pipe (it looks like a metaphore, thought that I mean his breathing). However, there is something which seems to be very interesting, in the high medium (that is to say that he is not a very good singer), now wheter I want to see that in the Theatre (the next stage) or not? I wonder and as long as I am going to keep on wondering, I am going to say no.
Philippe Manoukian : Miss Vanda?
Lio/Vanda : Thank you very much for the show but we are going to stick here.
Philippe Manoukian : Mister Sinclair?
Sinclair : The air pipe !
Lio : Do not lose it!
Sinclair : Thank you, it is very kind of you, but no.
Philippe Manoukian : As my friends. Thank you for having delighted us. Watch out for your air pipe and that is going to help you enormously!
Greg : I'll maybe take some singing courses/music lessons, then!
Hello Greg! - Thank you Greg!
Greg : Good afternoon! It was to relax you!

Some mistakes I think, but I hope that you will understand the most ! =)

A plus tard !

PR8 said...

Thanks a million for the translation Loic! You are simply the BEST!

Edo said...

You're fabulous Loic!
Finally! Someone loves me! XD

Loic said...

Oh my gosh, thanks a lot ! (=
And it was André Manoukian actually, not Philippe Manoukian. Sorry for the mistake. Anyway, thanks again !
And if you need a French, I'll be here !