Friday, March 06, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Sometimes one photo is all it takes to fulfill one's pleasure and I wanna give you three perfect examples of One Photo Wonder! The first one is Scotish cutie Daniel Keatings and you may remember him from my previous post on Olympics Candy. As you can see, with those sexy muscles bulging everywhere (I just can't get his booby pecs out of my head), the 19-year-old Brit gymnast has clearly been training very hard indeed =P Luv ya Daniel and I'll be cheering you in London 2012!

My second One Photo Wonder is my gorgeous fashion/fitness model boyfriend (I wish) Luke Guldan and you may remember him as my final Guilty Pleasure of 2008. Posing for for the second time around, it's HARD to believe the 22-year-old can still look AMAZING no matter what underwear styles he's wearing! Boxers, briefs, trunks, you name it, he flaunts it! Check out the underwear website and I assure you won't be disappointed!

And now the last (but not least) of my One Photo Wonder is this random hot dude, who I randomly came across one day while I was surfing the net. There's no question that I adore natural looking guys, especially those aren't overly groomed, muscled or photoshopped. I like them just the way they are, simple does it!

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Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

luke's great. the random guy's just adorable.