Monday, March 09, 2009

It's A Gay World After All...

YOU'VE NO IDEA HOW JEALOUS I'M RIGHT NOW! While we were having cold, miserable weather in England, it seems you guys Down Under had heaps of fun in the 31st Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras over the weekend! Sob sob, I'm utterly gutted that I missed my chance while I was in Oz, and it'd be a dream come true to be part of it!

Just look at all those colourful costumes and floats, not to mention the parade was led by the one and only Matthew Mitcham, who was also shaking his cute ass for the camera! You Aussies surely know how to do Pride right, and we Brit ought to learn a thing or two from you guys! To me, it definitely looks more fun to march the parade at night than in the daytime. Happy Mardi Gras =]

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Quentin X said...

The party is not over. Big Gay Day in brisbane this weekend.