Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Ordinary Disco...

Disco Lies by Moby

Who would have thought a military guy with a degree in electrical engineering would attempt to become the next big thing in sexy underwear and fashionable T-shirts for men? Well, he did!

Disco Valante, a brand new international men's clothing label is the creation of a presently serving US military officer, Nicholas Cassadine. This Naval Academy graduate created the foundations of this company while on assignment in the mountains of Afghanistan back in 2008, which makes me wonder, where does he get his inspiration from?

The founding owner states, "No one really makes cool underwear that I like. I always wanted to be able to buy cool underwear that got the attention of anyone who was in view of what was to come, therefore I made them."

Even though Disco Valante is tailored for ALL male species, Cassadine affirms that based on formal product research and polling his own friends, strength and interest would be more prevalent in the gay or metro-sexual community and among guys who are gym rats. Hmm, why am I not surprised?

I can happily say that you will not be disappointed as you step inside the world of Disco Valante. Its website is being designed as an exhilarating fusion of fashion, fitness, and music, and you will be blown away with flash designs, a super sexy model, and fantastic music - a true delight for your senses!

Disco Valante's recipe for future success will be the production of quality products, loyalty to his costumers and their opinions, and a burning desire to create fashion forward concepts that speak to everyone's sexiness. So, wear Disco Valante or go commando!

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