Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Driving Me Crazy...

Yes, the moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived! The hot new music video for Jay's Can't Have It All is up and running, and he wants EVERYONE ON EARTH to know that sometimes you just can't have it all! By the way, love that mini intro before the video starts!


athi said...

you are right... this intro is GREAT !!!


love it too!

Edo said...

Holy hell! How cool is he?? :]
Thank you for introducing me!!
His sound is soo good.
I love his voice--it's so cuute! :]

the edo monster.

KYLE DEVIN said...

Wow - this guy is amazing. As Edo says, thanks for intorducing me to him. Never heard of him. Beautiful voice, beautiful face, beautiful body. Loved the video! Thanx

Luke said...

Wow! That was a treat. First time to this blog and opened the video by accident.

That was excellet! His voice is beautiful. I want more! Thanks for introducing me to him.

Anonymous said...

He is good, but can't compare to Matt Alber's "End of the World". The most romantic song/video I have ever seen