Friday, April 10, 2009

Kissing Your Boy On...

Hmm, the whole idea of kissing in a coffee shop may sound a bit dull but what if it's a kiss for a good cause?

On April 15, the official deadline to file your taxes, join your LGBT brethren and straight allies at your local Starbucks, and kiss your significant other at 7:15 AM, 12:15 PM, 5:15 PM or 8:15 PM. Remember, this event is for those in the U.S. only, but feel free to join in the fun if you are outside the country!

I have absolutely no idea why the organising group chose these times, it probably feels those times will make the biggest impact?!

Now, for those who don't have someone to kiss? Not a prob! Head to's Facebook page and find someone in your area you think is cute. Hey, this could be the start of something good. You both have coffee and kissing in common. That's gotta be grounds for a future, right?
And why Starbucks? Well, believe it or not, the coffee giant is one of the gay community's biggest supporters, and God knows there are plenty of them around! So if you miss one, don't worry, just drive or walk another block. And if for some reason you're opposed to kissing in public, feel free to call it a Homo Hug-In.

Either way, you're showing the world you are secure with yourself and want everyone to know that you, like anyone else, can love, whether that love is with a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, friend, cute guy standing next to you or whoever. We all love the same. We should all be taxed the same!

1 comment:

Edo said...

Haha. Oh my. Sounds like fuuun! :]
Sadly, I have no one to kisss. :[
I'll check Facebook~ thanks for posting.
Haha, I love that you post fun things like this, you're the coolest blogger I've meet in a while, my friend.

I have a blog on here, but I NEVER use it, haha.
We should talk on MSN messenger. ^^
I'll add you if you have a hotmail account.

Until thenn! :D