Sunday, April 19, 2009

Speed Kills...

Okay this might sound a bit random and weird (I'm weird LOL), but yesterday I was on the train on my way to London and saw this billboard for Eurostar saying how fast their trains could travel (apparently they can go 186 mph, which is about 300 kmph). After seeing the advert, an idea suddenly rushed into my mind wondering if an Eurostar train could reach that speed, what would be the average speed of a man's ejaculation?

And so I did some research and found that the average speed of ejaculation has been measured to be approximately 28 mph, which is about 45 kmph, just below the allowable speed limit 30 mph in most suburban areas in the U.K.! Anyway, imagine getting hit in the eye or mouth, or wherever with an object flying at 28 mph, sounds bad, right?

So remember, next time when you cum, make sure you aim your cock properly and decide where you want your jizz to go because there's nothing more 'dangerous' than causing unnecessary 'injury' to your partner with your 28 mph cumshot FAST and FURIOUS =P


mauricio said...

absolutely loved it!

Tobalo said...

Just amazing!

Yet, i'm even more amazed by the fact that it's already measured =O
God bless the scientific curiosity!

Prince Nepths a.k.a Damian said...


Anonymous said...

Omg..have been reading your blog for 2 years now perhaps? This deserve my first comment.
It's very funny and 'different'..while I am at it, can I just say your posts are full of are good at this. Good job.
Take care.