Sunday, May 03, 2009

Catch Of The Day...

Summer is in the way and aussieBum has just released a damn hot fishnet-inspired summer underwear. The beauty of this thing is that you can see right through the beauty from side, front and behind. Virtually ANYWHERE!

The Aussie underwear giant describes its new brief leaves NOTHING to the imagination (hmm, I wonder why) and highlights the sexy attitude and style of any man who dares to wear it.

The underwear itself comes in two basic colours, black with the new style waistband and white with the classic aussieBum waistband, which is also a limited edition. I gotta say the minute I saw the classic white fishnet, it's a MUST for my underwear collection! The question is, who should I flaunt my 'catch' to?


jaartal said...

You really should post a pictur eof you in this white ones here on TMOP!

or at least mail me a copy (serious!)


daan said...

My first thought was "Tacky!" but then I realized I was wrong: this is superhot and very Kylie in a way.

And well, if you are gonna flaunt but don't know who to.... I guess there will be plenty of happy loyal readers ;)

GayPornFans said...

You have to flaunt it to your readers. I dare you!

PR8 said...

Naughty naughty :P