Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let's Meet...

First of all, congratulations to be the 100th Follower of The Ministry of Pleasure. How do you feel about this?
It feels great to be the 100th follower of TMOP. I've been reading your blog on my RSS reader for months, but I jumped over when you wrote about being the 100th follower. Lucky me that I was number 100. It must feel great to have that many followers of your blog! Congrats!

Thanks for your kind words, and I would like to know what makes you to follow me? I mean, the blog, not me personally!
I love the blog, it's full of sexy men and interesting stories and polls. You keep a very nice mix of hotness, pop culture and important social and civil rights issues.

Actually, would you follow me personally? LOL!
Sure, I'll personally follow you =] Might be hard with an ocean between us though.

Anyway, I notice you also own two lovely blogs, Nyc.Dncr.Boy (the nice one) and Naked In The City (the naughty one), which you love to show off bits of flesh here and there. What's the idea/reason behind that?
As you said, I do write two blogs. Nyc.Dncr.Boy is the nice one, as you put it. I try to keep that one pretty much clean with the same mix of hot men, a little skin, personal victories and blunders, as well as my views on society and civil rights. Naked In The City began as an experiment to see if I could facilitate a blog using content from readers as the basis. I wanted to use reader content to look into the lives of nudists from around the world. It hasn't worked out completely like that, but I do have a lot of reader submissions of pictures and stories of naked time. I also use it as an outlet for my 'exhibitionistic' streak.

Is there anything you wanna say to my (or your) readers?
To all TMOP readers, keep coming to support TMOP! And, if you want to add a blog or two to your daily or weekly reading, come on over and check out my blogs as well!

And last but not least, Madonna. Yay or nay?
On the Madonna issue, I swing both ways. I love a lot of her early music and I admire her free spirit. A lot of the new music, I could take or leave. But, on the whole, I enjoy her and respect her contribution to the music industry.

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