Friday, July 17, 2009

Awesome Possome...

Can gay porn be HOT (in an erotic way) and FUN (in a humourous way) to watch at the same time? Well, I was about to say no until I saw this!

"We had a thought... what would a Randy Blue movie have looked like if we had been around back in the 70's?

In That 70's Gay Porn Movie we took a time machine back to 1977 and took along Randy Blue favorites Xander Scott, Christian Sharp, Leo Giamani and Ethan Parker, Vincent DeSalvo along with newcomers Brandon Kent, Dustin Steele and Mike West.

The 70's were a time for horny college students getting it on, frat boys' homoerotic hazing rituals, and student/teacher sex fantasies before they became politically incorrect. It was all Lava Lamps and Bell Bottoms, where people said 'Far Out' without irony and sex was wild and free.

And what would a 70's porno be without an orgy? So put on your dancing shoes and boogie on down with That 70's Gay Porn Movie."

Seriously, what a SMASHING idea?! I'm lovin' it! It's so revolutionary, and it's just what the porn industry needs! I just can't wait for the video to come out on July 31st. Groovy Baby!


GayPornFans said...

So someone DOES like Randy Blue even though they prefer models on other sites more. You wouldn't get a movie like this on those other sites.

Anonymous said...

Sex can be very funny even in the midst of tenderness or mad-intensity. To interject some tasteful Gay humor into Gay erotic movies is a really good idea that can add a new perspective, refresh some of the worn out themes, and add some spice to Gay-sex life.

My all time favorite spoof on porn is Trey Parker's "Capt. Orgazmo". I bust a gut laughing. It's a good antidote to the overly melodramatic or poorly written and produced porn flick.


Anonymous said...

i saw the trailer for one of Michael Lucas's movie, and it is pretty funny. I think it's called The Intern, there's probably a trailer on youtube. (was going through YPG when i found it)