Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dress Code...

Earlier this summer the City Council of Brooksville, Florida, U.S. has approved a citywide dress code requiring city employees to use deodorant, prohibiting them from wearing revealing clothing AND requiring them to wear underwear.

The dress and appearance policy, which also requires all tattoos and scars to be covered up during work hours, was approved 4:1, with only Mayor Joe Bernardini voting against the dress code due to concerns about interpretation and enforcement of the new rules.

"They said you had to wear undergarments," Bernardini said, "but who's going to be the judge of that? Sometimes when it comes to certain people going bra-less, it's obvious. But who's staring to see if that person doesn't have underwear on?"

However, officials said the dress code is part of an overhaul of the city's policy toward its employees that was developed with help from city officials, attorneys and other sources. The officials said they want public employees to maintain the city's 'public image'.

"The policy is there if something becomes an issue or problem," City Manager Jennene Norman-Vacha said. "Then we want to be able to address it. It's just good policy."

Hmm, after some thinking, I do think the whole dress code policy is a great idea! I mean, imagine if I'm the boss and I need to find an excuse to shag sack one of my workers (a cute one of course). Wouldn't it be easier to check if he wears underwear or not?


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