Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Remember Jessie Pavelka? It's been a while since I last honored him as one of my Guilty Pleasures. And guess what? After two years of hard work, our hunky 26-year-old fitness model/personal trainer has become BIGGER than ever, not just his body but his career as well!

Back in January, he had done a new reality series on Lifetime (some kind of women TV channel not available in the U.K.) called DietTribe that followed the emotional journey of five friends as they attempted to go from 'fat' to 'fit'. Apparently these women had made a commitment to lose their unwanted pounds together.

Seriously, who gives a sh*t about how much pounds these fat pig (sorry if I sound a bit harsh) have lost? To me, it's all about Jessie, Jessie and Jessie!

Let's face it, he's 6'0", young, cute, single, and straight (DAMN). Which in my world only makes me love him more. Okay, he may be a little too beefy for some of you which is perfectly fine, more meat for me!


MAC said...

No need to feel guilty, he's stunning. I've been obsessed with Jessie for quite some time. YUMMY!!!

JiannC said...

You know what is the meaning of the three mandarin characters above his navel? Literally translation would be 'the coffin man'. And mandarin users don't normally use the term to refer something pleasant. Just why do people like tattoo so much. And why did they even want something so bizarre and totally inappropriate?

Well, he is stunning. Even better without the tattoos.

Jere said...


You beat me to the Tatoos! Why?

Wonder if He would have them now if there was a choice?

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!

jared said...

He's PERFECT! Damn!