Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Don't most male models nowadays have defined pecs, ripped abs and the right amount of muscles here and there? And for male swim/ underwear models, a nice bulging 'package' and a bubble butt should also come as a standard bonus.

Well, it seems like our latest Guilty Pleasure, the hunky 24-year-old Scott Herman hails from Salem, New Hampshire (I wonder what they feed him over there) has ALL what it takes to be a hot sexy swim/ underwear (or any kind) of model. After all, it's all about sexiness!

Scott is obsessed with staying fit so that explains the amazing bod. Other than being a professional model and a personal trainer, he was also one of eight contestants on The Real World: Brooklyn, MTV's 21st The Real World series, and had previously received the high honors of 'Best Abs on the East Coast' from Men's Health magazine.

Currently, our musclehead is pumping, building and maximising his own fitness website Scott Herman Fitness, which supposed to give advice on how to obtain a healthier body through exercise and healthy diet. Unfortunately (for me at least) it's more of an excuse to check out his hot hot bod! Sorry Scott, I just can't take my eyes off those beautiful pecs of yours!

Oh, at last but not least, Scott has recently modeled and done a behind-the-scene video for Undergear's Fall 2009 Catalogue. However, the video was removed by YouTube due to terms of use violation?!

So if ANYONE know where I can find this video, it would be greatly appreciated! Until then, I'll substitute our muscled Scott with gorgeous supermodel Jonathan Waud and my all time favourite Tyler Lough!


Joe said...

Thanks PR8. He's super hot & cute!

goldeneyeuk said...


What a sexy chap.

Scott said...

Thanks for the support on your blog! I recently signed a partnership program with youtube and I am going to be putting out tons of info pertaining to fitness as well as some fun content.

My youtube channel is “scotthermanfitness”
Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ScottHermanFitness

Also, I am working on getting the video back up and running.

Feel free to contact me for more information!

Scott said...

Soo how about this??