Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's always excited to catch up with friends who I've not seen for awhile, especially someone you have a crush on.

Remember the steward manager who I met about ten months ago? Click HERE, HERE and HERE if you don't recall him. Since then, although we didn't manage to meet up as much as we wanted other than the occasional night out at the local gay bar and/or Pride events, we still remained as distant friends, which I was glad about.

So we were chatting on MSN (as our normal way of communication) last night, and after the usual "Hi how are you" and "I'm fine how are you" type of conversations, he suddenly told me that he's seeing someone at the moment. And for a split of a second, my heart sank within me, thinking, "OMG, he's taken. What a lucky b*st*rd to have him as his boyfriend!"

I'll Be The One by Trademark

Of course I'm happy for my friend! I mean, he's a very nice guy and he deserves to be happy and loved (don't we all?). It just happens I'm not the one he's looking for. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Over the years, I've seen so many other couples that it makes me feel happy for them, yet I'm sad for the fact I'm stuck without anyone. Having said that, I still believe my turn will come! Until then, good luck with your new found love Lilpuff =]


Joe said...

It's great that you can understand each other and remain as friends.

Well, there's something I don't understand about my boyfriend. it's been weeks ago when i broke up with him after realizing he wasn't the one for me (to me, at least he's not mature enough). Actually, i was the one who got a crush on him first, and after that we started to get to know each other by chatting and the feeling i was having for him was so overwhelming while he wasn't that much (he told me later on). After that, we had met in person and liked each others a lot until later on i began to know that he wasn't the one that i expected he was. or was i expecting too much? well, my feeling for him starts to fade day by day until he asked me whether there was sth wrong and that time was when i decided to breakup with him. but he didn't get it! He was acting childish and accused me for everything (that's when i knew i made the right choice to leave him). He's very stubborn & said he'll never wanna see me anymore though i asked if we could be friends later. I just one a mature enough boyfriend, don't i deserve it?

-Lionel said...

Aw, I've been there, but from what i can tell from your blog you're destined for someone jus as awesome as you are ^^

Anonymous said...

Dearest Will,

"Ya can't give what ya don't have." When guys don't feel for us as we do for them, it's really hard to take, but that's how it is for everyone, for all lovers everywhere. No one is spared in these thing of the heart. And even when two hearts are joined, there still plenty of heart-ache to go around and spoil things.

My heart throbs with your pain, but I can't help believing your Mr. Right exists and will connect with you when the time is right. Take Heart Dear Heart!

Lotsa Luv,

iDonnie said...

His loss!

PR8 said...

C'mon guys! Love shouldn't be a competition! There's no winning nor losing. It's just a hit or miss game :)