Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Summer Camp...

It has been years since I last went camping, or even done anything remotely outdoorsy, but I'm going camping in Lancashire this weekend! And guess what, this isn't the typical camping that I used to go when I was a kid. The BIG Summer Camp! is the OutdoorLads biggest yearly event with a wide range of activities such as day walks, treasure hunt, outdoor climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and a disco!

Well, this will be my first event with the group (as I chickened out last year) and I'm planning to make the most of it. I just hope the weather stays dry. I don't mind the cold, but I just can't stand the idea of camping in the rain.

By the way, is any of you (from England of course) going to the camp? If you are, make sure you come and say hi!


Jeremiah Andrews said...

I think it would be a regret if you didn't get out there and have an experience that might do you some good (personally) growth wise.

You never know what this opportunity might do for your self esteem. Since you have grown up and have come to this place in your life, why stop now. I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to do something different.

Push your boundaries and explore the world. Have some fun. I think you will come away with some stories for us.


littlemass said...

Ditto to Jeremy.

Who knows - you may find the man of your life this weekend - while you're doing something entirely spontaneous. It will just happen when you're not looking.

Congrats on the NEW you. I cannot imagine the internal debate. It is more than just a 'visage' - it is a self-affirmation. It IS a big deal!

Ditto to all the other commentators - you are a gifted person, writing with poetry in your thoughts and brutal honesty and introspection. It is a voyage of the soul to read your blog. From thousands of miles away, I feel the yearning and searching. I wish I could reach across those miles and years to slake that anxiety.

Hope you enjoy the weekend! Get out from behind the remedies and Rx and potions - get some mud between your toes!

Anonymous said...

Will, Ditto to both. Make your mind up to make the best of everything and great good will come to you and bless you. Find joy and happiness in all of it, that will be transfomative. Turn everything into fun!!!



Jeremiah Andrews said...

List of things to do ...

1. Leave your "devices" at home
2. Bring a moleskin journal to write about your trip.
3. Take off shoes - walk in the grass, connect to mother earth.
3. Skinny dip in a creek.
4. Get mud between your toes
5. Sleep outside beneath the stars
6. Try food you've never eaten
7. Have at least one "New" conversation every day.
8. Step outside your comfort Zone.
9. Meet new and exciting people.
10. BEEE Yourself...

Food for Thought.


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NW007 said...

Enjoy yourself and have a great time and new experiences. Just the pictures make me wish i could be there

Joe said...

Camping is one of my most wanted thing on my list!
Jealous of you! Have fun anyway!

Anonymous said...

I too recently came upon your blog but will not be returning. Whoever the idiot is who defaces the pics with those stupid irrelevant sayings, etc. ruins the whole blog. It's a shame because there seemed to be some good writing and worthwhile pics, but there are too many other blogs that are far better withoput the useless garbage.

littlemass said...

Dear "useless garbage" Anonymous - get a life - somewhere else! You are obviously so shallow to be fixated solely on the visual. "Commentary" is the stuff of life experience. Sorry you cannot apreciate that.