Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dance Practice...

This video has just satisfied two of my biggest interests - Fit guy and Madonna. And in case you wanna compare the dance moves of this hottie with Madge, here's a live version of Vogue from her Sticky & Sweet Tour. Which one do you enjoy more?


Juanka said...

I enjoy both of them, but, with no doubt, i'd stay with that hottie guy...
he's so f*cking hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Madonna....because she has more class [lol].

But I prefer her Blonde Ambition tour [that one's a classic but hard 2 find].

-la isla bonita

Karoline On Line said...

The guy is hot.

But Madonna winns everytime!

LOVE your site! And I hope you get an interview with the pharmacy!

Big kiss,