Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

As some of you know, I've always been a BIG fan of, and he's one of the reasons why. Simon Dexter, also known as Harley at SC, is a 26-year-old actor/model from Chicago. He's cute, he's fit, he's HOT, and he agreed to do an exclusive interview with me! What more can I ask for?

PR8: First of all, thank you so much for doing this interview with me. For those who doesn't know about you (shame on them), can you summarise Simon Dexter in FIVE words?

How did you first get into the whole adult entertainment business, and what made you stop doing it all?
Well, it was the money honestly. I was a young kid who needed cash at the time and I was in a new relationship with a girl I wanted to impress and buy nice things for, and obviously for myself, so I did a solo, which then lead to more and more shoots. However porn is very limited unless you dedicate yourself to it, and there is much more to me then my physical tools and looks. I have brains, an opinion, and a personality. Also, I love art and creation so I want to be involved in mainstream modeling and acting. These are my current pursuits.

I noticed you've been known by different names in the past. Is any of these your real name? If not, how did you decide your stage name?
Harley was given to me by SC and I don't actually know the origin of that name, it was kind of a sporadic choice I believe. Simon Dexter is a name I like and gave myself to distinguish it from my porn career.

Can you remember how many movies have you made so far?
Probably like 25?

And what was the first day on your set like?
I was pretty nervous but I am a natural performer so I thrive on nerves and pressure =]

Has porn changed your life, personally and professionally?
Definitely. It has opened my eyes to an industry I never knew about, and exposed me to quite a bit of real world entertainment experience. Not only that but it propelled me into a modeling career and helped me make up my mind that I want to be a main stream actor.

First time you had sex, was it with a boy or girl? And how old were you?
A girl of course as I am attracted to women in my personal life, and I was about 16 at the time. She was a cute Latin girl who was 2 years older than me.

Describe your ideal partner and are you currently single?
My ideal girlfriend? That's a hard one. I guess she has to be loyal, honest, intelligent, and beautiful. And am I single? Well, you can say I'm seeing someone =P

Do you think you are sexy? If yes, which part of your body is the sexiest?
Of course I'm sexy, I ooze sexiness! And my sexiest part... I would definitely say my brain.

Complete the sentence, "My turn on button is..."?
Intelligence and beauty.

What is something in your home that would make a stranger think you were gay?
Perhaps my hair products and the amount of books I have?

And what is something that might make a stranger think you were straight?
Definitely the women laying in my bed =P

Boxers, briefs or nothing at all?
Nothing at all, but if I have to choose, boxers.

Finally, after porn what do you see in your future?
A major clothing ad campaign, a TV show, and an action movie.

Actually, this is the final question. Madonna. Yay or nay?
Hmm, haven't seen much of her lately, so I don't know what that question refers to, but I used to like Madonna.


NW007 said...

He has hot body, but interview left me, let's say blah. I wasn't sure exactly why he is doing porn stuff if he really is looking for traditional modeling career and mayb the movies!!

congrats on the interview though

Anonymous said...

Maybe the interview felt blah but you should check out his Blog. Its nothing like what you would expect from a Porn Star. He's much more interesting than his just his looks.

Karma-NY said...

Too cocky! He's cute...but "hottest man on the internet"??? Get a nose job, bulk up, lose the 'tude, stop screaming MARY when getting fucked.

Jimbob said...

"Screaming MARY when getting fucked"! hahahaha

I've never seen him perform unfortunately so don't know if that's true but I actually like his nose. Good strong features.

Anonymous said...

I love this guy. Loved him on Sean Cody.

Anonymous said...

O M G>>>> SCREAMING MARY????? THAT IS SOOOO TRUE...he is hot..but who is he trying to kid with the whole straight guy thing. Im sorry, I know straight guys take it up the ass for cash but this guy is a total bottom

thewhitecat said...

Simon is definitely one of the hottest guys for more muscle! Stay nice and healthy and lean and keep your nose. Simon, you look fine!

Anonymous said...

Simon needs to stop all of the Bullshit!!! Any guy who takes it up the ass like that is GAY.....the cash is just the freakn icing on the sex cake. As alway bi now gay later.

I have seen him in action...and he eats ass with the BEST of them. Straight my queer ass.. Simon is GAY and should just deal with it. I do!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for real, he NEEDS to quit lyin' so bad. Evidently he didn't have a problem being gay enough when it came to making out with dudes and fuckin' 'em in the butt and getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Simon is actually very bright himself, open minded, has a very nice personality, and very handsome.

Anonymous said...

Why do guys lie about their sexuality? Simon clearly is bisexual since his sex with guys on Sean Cody demonstrate passion and enjoyment. Since when does a straight guy tenderly kiss other guys?! I'm so sick and offended by any guy who denies his bi/homosexuality. It's insulting and a turn off. There should be no gay for pay as that is wrong for a heterosexual as it would be wrong for straight for pay. It's called conscience, and most people in porn seem to have thrown it away.

Nick said...

Also, how could he not know that you should never do porn(gay or staright) in the hopes of becoming a mainstream actor. I mean, c'mon.