Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's The Answer...

For those who are still confused or are still having a hard time understanding why I have no issue with the whole gay disclosure business with my recent job application (see previous post), Stonewall has recently published a ten-point plain English guide to help explain why a range of data such as age, gender, sexual orientation, and belief may now be requested, and what the benefit is. With many organisations (including NHS) anticipating new measures in the Equality Bill, What's it got to do with you? makes the case for monitoring across all equality characteristics.


Sven said...

That does not convince me at all.
I think it's very naive to believe they all want the best for you and never misuse or give away the informations they collect.

And I still find it hard to believe, that it is allowed to asked questions about sexual orientation at a job apllication or at local authorities at all. I'm pretty sure here in Germany they don't.

Anonymous said...

Well, Will,
Thanks for the Apologia. It explains why it's resonable for you in London, GB, to do what you do. We Americans lag woefully behind, socially, politically and idealogically, but we are a nation that still has a lot of prejudiced and bigoted citizen, some of whom are also extremists. I pray that you Brit are as truly humanitarian, unbiased and altruistic as your expose' portrays. If that is so, your wold, and, eventually by your good example, our world, will change for the better.
Bon Courage!!!

Roland said...

Hello Pr8!

First of all Thx 4 answering the questions-ours & that in the form too!
It's very good seeing UR optimism & hope U'll get the job!
But I fear 4 U!
I work in hospital too!At my former workplace I was totally out, people seemed very fair & nice with me, but it ended seeing I was blind...and soon unemployed :). I don't play straight now, but only some know about me-at least from me :).
And believe me!It could be very depressing,disappointing when someone U've just begun to like talk about "disgusting fags" and so on.And s/he wouldn't have talked that way if s/he would know UR a fag too.So only this way can you see in whom to really trust .
I can only hope that it's 4 statistics & keeping the balance- which I meant under positive discrimination, but "counted" made me very wrong impressions : the pink triangle...
Sorry if wrote too much :)
Anyway I wish the best 4 U & hope UR future co-workers and boss will love UR lovely smile ( or anything else ;) ) and honest, pure personality!