Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Night With A Supermodel...

When it comes to love, was my friend Gareth born under a lucky star and I under an evil one?

We arrived in Beirut last Wednesday and Gareth ­immediately hooked up ­online with a lovely bloke called Anwar whose ­kindness, wit and local know-how made our trip one of the best I've had. And me? The only romantic frisson I had was with an amateurish extortionist who threatened to get me arrested.

­Anwar took Gareth, me and our travelling companions Karim and Tim to a club on a mountainside overlooking the city.

Homosexuality is warily tolerated but still illegal in Lebanon, but Beirut has several gay venues, often filled with guys so handsome they'd be minor celebrities in London. As I took a breather from the dance floor, a heavily bodyguarded guy who claimed to be a Saudi prince ­entered. To make space for the alleged royal, I found myself pushed into a corner, in the process coming face to face with a ­living fantasy – dazzling teeth, dark liquid eyes and superhero body. Registering my ashen complexion and red beard, he said in good ­English, "Are you Irish?"

He told me he adored Celtic-looking guys, a rarity in Lebanon. As we chatted, I fell for his lines and gladly ­accepted his ­offer... more >

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Lez Hard said...

I like this pic!

Anonymous said...

who is this model in the picture Pro8? Thanks!