Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Poll...

Nipples are made of erectile tissue, the same sponge-like tissue like that within our penis, which swells up when blood flows faster in than out. And believe it or not, when a man's penis is erect, so are his nipples, and vice versa!

Men's nipples ARE sensitive, and it can be a heavenly pleasure when being licked, sucked, twirled between thumb and forefinger, or even bitten (gently). Of course, you have to play it right! So, whose nipple are you gonna play with?


Roland said...

Hi !
Maybe I'm not too sensible, but I feel almost nothing special at my nipples,though my ex did.So I din't suppose it's so general.
And one question: why do people in th US & UK like underarm-bushes and those terrible mammoth-like hair?

Anonymous said...

that's the mysterious question
I always wonder why
don't you guys feel un clean ?
I read once they think if you remove it you are a sissy

about the nipples I like men with big nipples not the un seen nipples

Anonymous said...

My nipples are pierced with 6GA barbells and they are very sensitive

thenakedblackguy said...

My nipples appear to have become more sensitive over time, plus they've been pierced for the last 10 years...BUT I never really considered it a pleasure spot. I also didn't know the blood flow you mentioned in your piece eeither..thanks for the info!