Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekly Poll...

Another week, another poll, but the idea behind this one is something I noticed from my recent camping experience.

It was Saturday night, I was chatting with a few guys outside our tents and one of them brought up a very interesting point. He recalled when he told his work colleagues of his plan to go camping over the weekend with a big group of gay men, all they could think of was a dirty weekend of sex, drugs, booze, and more sex. After clarifying to them that the weekend involved activities like hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, raft building, and rock climbing, his colleagues were shocked! Okay, I understand the name BIG Summer Camp! didn't really help, but they just couldn't relate all these so-called 'macho' activities with a bunch of gays, which was kinda sad yet annoying!

Wake up people, feminine behaviour DOES NOT EQUAL gay behaviour, and 'masculine' activities/jobs DOES NOT NECESSARY MEAN straight! This is 21st century and we can choose what we enjoy doing regardless our sexuality! Remember, we can be butch, faggy, tough or tame!


thenakedblackguy said...

AMEN BROTHER..people don't even realize some of the butchiest men they surround themselves with, are not as "straight" as one might you said being gay is not flamboyant and girly like individuals may think "all queers are." We are way more diverse then that, TRUST ME!

Anonymous said...

Give me a beautiful buff, tanned, hunky outdoorsman any day. He can surely put his shoes under my air mattress.