Saturday, September 12, 2009

End Of A Long Road Home...

"I hate these people, I hate this music, I hate this city, I hate my drink, and I really hate these shoes I'm wearing," I found myself thinking grumpily at Dalston Superstore's bar on Sunday.

Returning from a wonderful trip just five days previously, the bank holiday weekend found me in full-on London rejection mode. The buzzing, friend-filled bar and decent music should have marked a perfect return home. So why was I still so down, I wondered? Could it be:

1. Because the skies were the colour of pencil lead?

2. Because thelondonpaper was going to close?

3. Simply because a few weeks knocking around a beautiful, sunny country with your best mates makes normal life seem banal in comparison?

It was probably none of the above. My life's already had more twists to it than a small intestine, so it takes more than a work shake-up and summer clouds to rattle me. Whatever the matter was, I reckoned meeting up again for drinks with my dear friend Karim would cheer me up. And I was right... more >

Another great entry Josh, but everything has a twist these days, or should I say an element of surprise? Especially when the title of his next post is My new fella really is a man of my dreams. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

The karim love story is so beautiful. It makes me both happy and thankful!