Saturday, September 05, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Still remember my previous post on Scott Herman? The gorgeous 24-year-old actor/model/personal trainer who taught us the secret to great abs and how to not pick up a guy? Well, since then he has done even more interesting videos (with bare chest) on a variety of topics, which include how to shave your chest AND YOUR GROIN =P

If these aren't good enough, wait till he brings out his oh-so-darn-cute elder bro and show off his muscle cars collection!

My my Scotty, can I just say your videos just get better and better! Keep 'em coming, the fandom (including myself) appreciates your work! Oh, I almost forgot, if you are reading this, THANKS A MILLION for the comments (plus the link of the video that I've been trying to track down) that you put on your Guilty Pleasure entry. I never expected that would happen and it's a real surprise!

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Anonymous said...

Well Will,
I'm deeply pleased to hear and see that Scott Herman and his equally hot brother George Herman have a New England (Boston) accent like mine. They had New Hampshire License Plates on their cars, so the must either be rrelatively close to where I grew up in Massachusetts,USA, or where I live in Eastern Mid-Vermont on the NH border in the USA.

As always it was wonderful to see and hear Scott and a special treat to see him interact with his brother. They obviously care alot for each other with a good brotherly and familial spirit pervading that video. Thanks for all these pieces.

ps: If either Scott or George need shaving assistance for any part of their anatomy, I'd be glad to assist. p