Friday, October 16, 2009

The Gummy Kama-Sutra...

Which position(s) have you tried? Or have you tried them all already? By the way, what's the difference between spooning and from-behind?


Anonymous said...

Hey Will,
It would be terrific to see a really authoritative and definitive version of the GAY Karma Sutra if it really exists somewhere. I've seen dribs and drabs over the years but nothing complete or convincing. I believe you and yours in the Ministry of Pleasure may be the ones to sucessfully do this. What do you think? Pretty Please with manjuice all over it!

Many Thanks!

b3nc0 said...

Why, cupcake, ain't we a little nosey, today... but that's alright! I'm game ;°D
Personnaly, I've tried them all but the rimming (Anal Lick) which I highly deplore (you could say I didn't have ana luck, er, anY luck, I know it's lame but I can't resist)(I even dream of combining it with a 69, if you see my point) but we didn't broke up with my BF for him being a little anal-prude nor for me pressing him about it =°(
The Doggystyle isn't my cup of tea, being often associated with the 'need' to spank...
My fav+ as a bottom is the Riding but with a little twist (pun intended): facing your partner's feet; you have complete control on your PMP (prostate massage program)
As for the difference between Spoon & From Behind, I'd say the Spoon is less acrobatic each one keeping one's legs closed, From Behind you can raise a knee, trow a leg over your partner's or intertwine them... (which leads to my fav+ as a top ^_^ & a good cuddling position for the Exhausted part)

dougie said...

Heck, I have done them all and then some! The difference between spooning and from behind in my mind would be spooning is cuddling and going to sleep and from behind is just that! Although in the pic spooning would be from behind laying down and "from behind" looks to be standing up against a wall. Question is, how many have you done...:)

Jeremy said...

very creative :-)