Monday, September 21, 2009

Mr. Right...

Well, after much investigation I've finally solved the problem of millions of hopeful single gay guys out there. Yes, I'm talking about YOU!

The problem is that everyone has been chasing Mr. Right so intensely that the poor guy panicked and had to go into hiding (or maybe even self exile, that's my only doubt in this interesting case). Guys, shame on you! You yourselves have chased out Mr. Right, so blame no one but yourselves for not being able to find him.

So, stop looking for him. Once he's not scared anymore, he'll come out of his hidden universe and, who knows, he might find YOU. Till then, live today =]


Doug said...

Aww.. i didn't mean to scare him away. I hope he comes back soon... :/

Mikel Pernisco said...

LMAO. You make him sound like a scared bunny. Shame on you gay boys! :-)

Anonymous said...

Stop your hunting guys. I've found 'im and he's all mine.......... ; D

Adam said...

Come out, come out wherever you are!

Adam (

Anonymous said...

Oh Darling Will,
How very Wise and "Right" you are!!!