Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Special Comment...

Since when my blog turned into a dating website? Well, Merle, the truck driver from Weatherford, Oklahoma has recently 'commented' a personal ad in one of my recent post, see HERE. Normally, I would have deleted it without thinking twice. But for sentimental reasons, I decided not to.

Yes, it may look like an obviously prank (you'll know what I mean if you Google his name) but then again, there's a very slight (and I mean VERY slight) chance that something else is making him do this and he's actually looking for gay travel buddies?! Whatever Merle's motive is, I wish you the best of luck in your search =]

Jump by Madonna

In fact, reading Merle's comment got me thinking. It seems everyone is somehow looking for someone or something, or desperately wanting to be found. While some of us have more patience to sit and wait, others will try anything to achieve their end goal. I used to belong to the first group until I reach a point where I'm sick and tired of waiting for things, things that I may have control of! Nowadays I'm more proactive and 'out' of my rut, and I truly think that's the way to go!


littlemass said...

merle dean shamblin has to be a hoax - he is all over google popping up in all kinds of blogs - persian cat blog!!! - i smell a rat

corvedacosta said...

great pics

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

that guy with the backpack is hot.

my blog Definition has been forced to relocate to another url http://definitionofaman.blogspot.com

i would appreciate it if you could update the link. thanks.