Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who's That Boy...

Hi everyone! First of all, how do you like MY Celebration album cover? Isn't it wicked or what?! Well, at least I know this is what would happen if I unleashed my inner drag queen =P Anyway, you can now star in your own customised version of the Celebration album cover at HERE.

And secondary, I was doing a smoking cessation outreach session for GMFA outside the Duke of Wellington in Soho tonight and was talking to this nice guy named Paul, who was determined to give up smoking for his second time round. If you are reading this Paul (which I doubt he is) I would like to get in touch with you, and maybe go for a drink or something but WITHOUT the cigarettes!


Sonia said...

Madonna in the album "Celebration"

Anonymous said...

Will darling , I prefer you better in your masculine incarnation, but would take you any way I could have you. Who, knows, your inner drag queen might turn me on and ring my bell. I'm game if you are. ( hehe!)

Having supervised a wide range of prevention programs in my wicked past, I was always struck by this research factoid: It takes the average smoker thirteen (13) quits before they attain lasting cessation. The advice was, keep quitting, since every quit strenghtens you for final cessation, teaches you about the addiction/habit, and moves you to final success. We had a lot of folks do just that and beat cizs. It's a real labor of love to support someone over whatever time it takes, but it is really worth it to hang in and help the become smoke-free. Once they have dealt with that, they can change a lot of other things and vastly improve their lives.