Friday, November 20, 2009

Guilty Pleasure...

Seriously, some guys are just born to moan and groan. Check this out!


Torontonian said...

Please do not post this.

You have a spelling error.

Moan and groan.

Not "grown". Groan.

They do sound alike but
have different meanings.

cooldude19 said...

i love ben andrews!
i want to get fucked by him

PR8 said...

Thanks to Torontonian for spotting my spelling mistake, which I spelled 'grown' instead of 'groan'. Oh well, while you groan, something else grows :P

Rob said...

I can very well understand why he is groaning - with the size of that object in his orifice.
Loved it - anyone have any ID on the movie it's taken from?


Anonymous said...

I think it's kain warn fcked by ben andrews from Wall Street or something

Anonymous said...

So hot! Something grows in my jeans and I need to wank off right now... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Exceptional equality between top and bottom and genuine male sharing of affection, bodies, and juices, rare in vids.